Ryback Opens Up On Samoa Joe's Wellness Violation Suspension Incident

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Former WWE Superstar Ryback has slammed Samoa Joe and the WWE for failing to implicate wellness violation suspension adequately in the roster.

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Last week, Samoa Joe was suspended from WWE for violating the Wellness Policy and the entire wrestling community has been talking about it since then. While a lot of wrestlers backfired at WWE for suspending Samoa Joe, there are a few wrestlers who feel that Samoa Joe should have been suspended much before. The 40-year-old WWE Superstar has been suspended for 30 days and is the fourth WWE wrestler to breach the Wellness policy.  While the entire WWE universe is busy talking about it, former wrestler Ryback has revealed his opinion and stated that Ryback should have been suspended in the initial stage. Here’s everything you need to know about the incident and the WWE Wellness policy.

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WWE news: What is wellness violation suspension?

For WWE fans who are unaware as to what is wellness violation suspension, after Eddie Guerrero’s unfortunate death in November 2005, WWE introduced the wellness policy for their wrestlers. According to the wellness policy, no WWE superstars can intake any kind of drugs before a fight and medical conditions were introduced to keep the policy running. The policy states that every WWE superstar has to go through every necessary test and if they refuse, they will be suspended for a particular amount of time. Surprisingly, Samoa Joe has been found guilty and has been suspended from WWE. Former superstar Ryback did not fail to react to the wellness violation suspension as he went on to slam Samoa Joe and WWE for not taking their wellness policy strictly.

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WWE News: Ryback’s reaction to Samoa Joe’s wellness violation suspension


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During his interaction at RybacvkTV Shooting Blanks Wrestling, former WWE superstar Ryback said, “That seems really shady in itself. This goes back to a lot of the things they do”. Ryback then went on to compare UFC and WWE by stating, “If Conor McGregor failed a drug test the week before a fight, then UFC wouldn’t let the fight go on as planned and have (Conor) McGregor compete. This is where there are holes in the drug testing [with WWE]. When a guy tests positive, the guy should be suspended and it's announced immediately. That should be enforced immediately. Those part-timers who come in – these guys aren't getting drug tested and it's not fair to the full-time talent."

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