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Stone Cold And The Undertaker's 1999 WWE Championship Fight Makes Fans Nostalgic

The Undertaker and Stone Cold gave us one of the greatest nights of WWE history when they fought each other for the title on June 28, 1999. Watch how it went.

Stone Cold

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) conducted one of the biggest fights of wrestling history when The Undertaker took on Stone Cold Steve Austin on June 28, 1999. WWE fans have always loved their 'Phenom' and 'The Texas Rattle Snake' and the entire universe got split into two halves when they locked their horns against each other. No wonder, The Undertaker in his prime was everybody’s nightmare but Stone Cold Steve Austin had a different approach, as he went on to defeat The Phenom is one of the biggest nights of his career. Let us see, how Stone Cold and The Undertaker gifted fans with a great night of wrestling in 1999.

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WWE: Stone Cold vs The Undertaker in 1999

It couldn't have got better as The Undertaker and Stone Cold were fighting for the WWE Championship on Monday Night RAW. The entire arena busted with excitement as Stone Cold and The Undertaker made their iconic entrances in front of a loud crowd. A lot of WWE fans claimed that The Undertaker would demolish Stone Cold ‘Steve Austin’ and for a while, it seemed legitimate but The Texas Rattle Snake changed the entire momentum of the fight as he went on to deliver a Stunner over The Undertaker after a hard-fought battle. It was an exciting fight as both the fighters had their moments but it was Stone Cold who had the last laugh along with a shining World Championship title. See how Stone Cold made it possible by taking out The Undertaker in 1999.

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WWE: Stone Cold and The Undertaker now

The legends shared one of the most heated rivalries of WWE during their prime but currently, they are much better as good friends. The Undertaker also appeared in Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions, where the duo went onto discuss their ‘good old days’ in WWE. Take a look at it.

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