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Stone Cold, Edge, Batista And Others Talk About The Undertaker’s 'awe-inspiring' Entrance

WWE released a clip from Undertaker's documentary which showed many WWE legends including Stone Cold Steve Austin praising The Undertaker’s iconic entrance.

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The Undertaker

The first episode of The Undertaker’s mini-documentary series, Undertaker: The last Ride, went live on the WWE Network a couple of days ago. WWE also released a clip from the episode which showed several WWE legends and superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bray Wyatt, Batista, Edge and others praise The Undertaker’s iconic entrance. Some hailed The Undertaker’s entrance music as the best while others revealed that they get goosebumps every time they watch The Undertaker enter the ring. Former Universal Champion Bray Wyatt even claimed that once The Undertaker enters the ring, he becomes a god.

"Every hair in your body stands up, then he steps in the ring and takes the hat off. And he looks you with those eyes, and you realise you’re not looking at a man anymore, you’re looking at a god. As far as this industry goes, he is a god," said Bray Wyatt.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edge, Batista and others react to Undertaker’s iconic entrance

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin remembered the first time he saw The Undertaker’s entrance. During a live event, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the first to be introduced. When he reached the ring, he started planning his next move. He said that he was thinking about what he would do once the match starts and how he would give a stunner to his opponent. However, once the theme song of The Undertaker began playing and smoke started filling the arena, Stone Cold Steve Austin forgot everything. His mind was blank and he was blown away by The Undertaker’s presence.

"That slow-motion walk, that only he can do. And it was so awe-inspiring and just dramatic. That I forgot every single thing I wanted to accomplish in that match," said Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

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Batista and Edge who have faced 'The Dead Man' at WrestleMania 23 and WrestleMania 24, said that The Undertaker's entrance gives them goosebumps. Kurt Angle, on the other hand, hailed Undertaker's entrance as the best. He said fans pay a lot of money just to see The Undertaker enter the ring. 

"There’s a part of view that’s kind of terrifying with his music, man, it’s terrifying. But, at the same time, you’re loving every second of being terrified," said Batista.

"There are very few moments that can still happen where you still get that goosebump, that’s one of those moments when that music hits," said Edge.

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