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The Undertaker Talks About The Incredible Boneyard Match Vs AJ Styles At WrestleMania 36

While talking about the match, The Undertaker said that he is very ‘proud’ to be a part of an incredible match. He said he is also proud of WWE.

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Adil Khan

The Undertaker did a lengthy Instagram Live interview with Nine Line Apparel where take talked about all the major WrestleMania 36 matches including the incredible Boneyard Match vs AJ Styles. The Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles was critically acclaimed and received a positive response from the fans as well. While talking about the match, The Undertaker said that he is very ‘proud’ to be a part of an incredible match. He said he is proud of WWE and the magic he and AJ Styles were able to create during the main event of WrestleMania 36 Day One.

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Undertaker also discussed the name of the match and how he thought it should have been a ‘Buried Alive Match’ instead of a ‘Boneyard Match’. The Undertaker said if he was asked to name the match, he would have called it a ‘Buried Alive Match’. The Undertaker said AJ Styles called it a 'Boneyard Match' because he and WWE wanted to add the ‘What’s that’ factor. The Phenom said WWE wanted to sell the match and that’s why they kept fans in the dark so that fans could watch the match and find out themselves. The Undertaker ended the answer saying AJ Styles was more involved in the backstage work of the match than him.

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After a promo video, fans saw The Undertaker enter the boneyard in his ‘American Bada**’ persona while riding a bike. AJ Styles then appeared with The O.C. and the match started. The Undertaker dominated the match from the start, but The O.C. helped AJ Styles take over. AJ Styles asked his cloaked followers to attack The Undertaker while he came out of nowhere to smash a tombstone on the Phenom’s head. AJ Styles then picked up a shovel and attacked The Undertaker. He knocked the Undertaker into an open grave.

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AJ Styles then stepped inside a truck to unload dirt into the grave and bury The Undertaker alive, but The Deadman magically appeared behind him. The Undertaker then used his powers to summon fire before taking down the O.C and AJ Styles. Scared, AJ Styles begged The Undertaker to not bury him alive, but The Undertaker kicked him into the open grave. The Deadman ended the match by dumping a pile of dirt onto AJ Styles.

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