WWE: Watch Rey Mysterio Reveal How His Son Dominik Learned The 619 Move

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WWE recently released a video on all its social media accounts where Rey Mysterio can be seen saying that Dominik has not learned the great 619 move from him.

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Rey Mysterio

WWE recently released a video on all its social media accounts where the current United States Champion can be seen saying that his son Dominik has not learned the great 619 move from him. While appearing on WWE’s new show, Rey Mysterio and Dominik talked about their daily life and the punishment they suffered from WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. While talking about Survivor Series, Rey Mysterio started talking about the double 619 - the duo delivered to Brock Lesnar.

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In the video released by WWE, the Masked Luchador can be seen showing WWE fans a practice video of him and Dominik practising the 619 move. After showing the clip, the master of 619 revealed that many may think that Dominik has learned that move from his dad. However, he learned it at his wrestling school. Dominik replied by saying that he used to do the wrong move, but when his teacher showed him the secret behind it, he got it in the first try. Rey Mysterio said that while performing 619, he always gets rope burns and that’s the only bad thing about it.

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Rey Mysterio says Dominik made him come back to WWE

A few weeks ago, Rey Mysterio was seen celebrating with his son Dominik after he won the United States Championship title against AJ Styles. He got emotional and revealed that he was thinking of retiring from wrestling. However, because of his son, he came back to WWE. Rey Mysterio then talked about Survivor Series and said that fans might not have seen him winning the WWE Championship title against Brock Lesnar. Still, they witnessed a double 619 and a double frog slap. He ended the conversation saying that he dedicates his win to his fans and especially his Latin brother and sister. Rey Mysterio then hugged his son and left the ring with fans cheering his name.

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