WWE: John Cena To Stone Cold, WWE Superstars Who Customised Their Championship Belts

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WWE: Many WWE superstars like Stone Cold, Daniel Bryan and John Cena have customized their WWE titles in the past. Read more to get the full list

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WWE has provided the world with some legendary superstars and some great matches. Throughout its long tenure, the company has also surprised fans with its funny and unique segments. One of the most unique things WWE has ever done was to let its superstars customize their WWE Championship Belts. Many superstars like Stone Cold, Daniel Bryan and John Cena have customized their WWE titles in the past.

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WWE: Here are some superstars who their Championship belts

WWE: John Cena - The Spinner Belt

In WrestleMania 20, John Cena won the United States Championship from Big Show and decided to create a belt which fits his rapper persona. He introduced the belt which consisted of a spinning dial. When Cena lost the United States Championship, WWE decided to go back to the old design because it didn’t fit Carlito’s style. In WrestleMania 21, John Cena became the Undisputed WWE Championship by defeating John Bradshaw Layfield. He brought back the Spinner Belt design and applied it to the Undisputed WWE Championship belt.

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WWE: Stone Cold Steve Austin - Smoking Skull Championship Belt

Many say that Stone Cold Steve Austin started the era of customised Championship belts by introducing Smoking Skull Championship Belt. The belt consisted of the iconic Stone Cold skull in the centre, along with his trademark rattlesnakes on the side. The skull had replaced Attitude Era's "Big Eagle" in the belt. Many say that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon didn’t like the design of the belt but he decided to let Stone Cold do whatever he wanted.

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WWE: Daniel Bryan - Eco-Friendly Championship Belt

This Belt showed the personality of Daniel Bryan and was made up of 100 per cent of sustainable organic products. The straps and the plates of the belts were made by carving oak woods. Though the belt was made from organic products, fans didn’t really love the belt and the design was changed when Kofi Kingston won the title.

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