WWE: Dana Brooke Plans To Go On A Date With Batista, Talks About Romance On WWE The Bump

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WWE superstar Dana Brooke started flirting with the newly-single Batista on Twitter a few weeks ago. Now, Dana has opened about her budding romance on The Bump

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The Dana Brooke and Dave Batista romance is heating up. WWE superstar Dana Brooke started flirting with Batista on Twitter just a few weeks ago. Now, Dana Brooke has opened about her budding romance in front of the cameras.

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Watch WWE’s The Bump: Batista and Dana Brooke are going on a date

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Dana and Batista plan a date

On WWE's The Bump, Dana Brooke confirmed that she had a date planned with Batista. She also revealed that she might appear with the former wrestler on the red carpet at some of his upcoming movie premiers. Dana Brooke explained on the show how the romance began. She said that her comments on Batista’s tweet got her into his DMs, and since then, they have been talking to each other. Dane Brooke said that Batista had FaceTimed her when she was on SmackDown and asked her if she was free. Brooke had responded, with ‘in two minutes.’ And soon, Batista was video her.

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Batista facetime Dana Brooke 

She recalled that Batista was visiting his mom in San Francisco and was leaving for Las Vegas when he FaceTimes her. She marvelled that he still had time to call her and joked that the rest was history. Earlier on Wednesday, December 4, Brooke had tweeted an image from wrestlingfigures.com, showing a figurine of herself cradling the Batista doll in her arms. She wrote, the photo was pretty accurate and invited fans to watch WWE The Bump.

Batista-Dana Twitter romance

The couple’s twitter exchange has the whole of the WWE universe, and the fans invested. Just a few days ago, Brooke had used one of Batista’s signature moves – the Bomb – to defeat her opponent Lace Evans. She even renamed it the 'Brooke Bomb', to which Batista had invited her to use his music too. Batista had also asked her to use his gym in Tampa.

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