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WWE Throwback: Stone Cold Steve Austin Says Goodbye To WWE Fans After Losing To The Rock

At both WrestleMania 15 and WrestleMania 17, The Rock failed to beat Stone Cold Steve Austin, but at WrestleMania 19, he defeated The Texas Rattlesnake.

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Adil Khan
WWE Throwback

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson are known to be the greatest rivals in WWE history. Their rivalry was so big that the two legendary superstars headlined three WrestleManias. At both WrestleMania 15 and WrestleMania 17, the Rock failed to beat Stone Cold Steve Austin, but at WrestleMania 19, he defeated 'The Texas Rattlesnake' and ended a decade long rivalry. The match was special for many reasons as it was the last in-ring match of Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE.

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According to fans, after winning the match, The Rock thanked Stone Cold for everything. He asked Stone Cold for forgiveness and left the ring for Stone Cold to interact with fans. Fans revealed that when Stone Cold got up to thank the WWE Universe, he received a lot of cheer and fans gave him a standing ovation which lasted for almost 20 minutes. Fans were crying because they knew that they won’t be seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin deliver a stunner again. This was definitely an epic end to one of the greatest wrestling careers of all time.

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WWE WrestleMania 19: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock

The match started with a bang as both the superstars exploded in the ring and started delivering punched to each other. The Rock, who was not happy with Austin being voted "Superstar of the Decade," took control and delivered some moves, but Austin recovered and took the fight down. But the superstars again exchanged some moves and even went onto use each other’s special moves. In the middle of the match, the Rock downed Stone Cold's vest and everyone who was seeing the match was getting the full dose of entertainment. However, in the end, The Rock won the match after hitting Stone Cold Steve Austin with three Rock Bottoms and two Stunners.

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