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WHAT??? Australia vs Pakistan Test match halted as third umpire gets stuck in an elevator

The start of play after lunch on Day 3 of Australia's second Test match against Pakistan in Melbourne was delayed for an unusual cause.

Pavitra Shome
Cameras show the empty official box (left) and on-field umpires have a chat on the pitch (right) | Image: Star Sports (Screengrab)

The Australia vs Pakistan match-up is attracting a lot of fans as it will be the final test series of the local cricket star, David Warner. Fans have come in in huge numbers at the MCG to see the Aussies in action in the game's red-ball format. But some interesting occurrences have often occurred in matches, and the second test match was no different either. On Day 3 of the second test match between both teams, the play had to be paused due to an unnatural occurrence which involved the match's officials.  

3 things you need to know 

  • Australia scored 318 runs in the first innings
  • PAK could not withstand the Aussie bowling as they were dismissed at 264 runs in the first innings
  • After the lunch, the AUS vs PAK underwent an unnatural delay

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AUS vs PAK Day 3 underwent a slight delay due to umpire getting stuck in an elevator

The play at the Melbourne Cricket Ground was delayed for nearly five minutes after the Lunch break as third umpire Richard Illingworth was stuck in the stadium's elevator. The camera showed that Illingworth was not in his seat at the official box as the players came out to play. The fourth umpire, who was at the boundary rope, had to rush up and fill in for Illingworth.


On-field umpires Michael Gough and Joel Wilson informed the players about the delay and the reason behind it. The players were also amused to know the cause of the delay.

The game eventually recommenced, with the fourth umpire momentarily filling in as a third umpire until Illingworth returned to the official's box. The umpire also seemed to be in splits on what had happened.

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Australia is having a tough day in their second innings. The hosts slipped rather drastically while playing at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, as they have lost four wickets so far. David Warner & Travis were dismissed by Mir Hamza while Usman Khawaja and Marnus Labuschagne were taken down by Shaheen Afridi and Rizwan.


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