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‘Baz hates the term…’-Ben Stokes claims McCulum dislikes 'Bazball' Hype, discusses Test approach

England captain Ben Stokes dismisses the hype around their new Test approach "Bazball," emphasizing their focus on playing aggressive cricket.

Aryan Suraj Chadha
Ben Stokes with England Test coach Brendon McCullum
Ben Stokes with England Test coach Brendon McCullum | Image:AP

The Indian cricket team is currently facing England in their first Test match of 5 in Hyderabad. England won the toss and have opted to bat first.   At lunch on day one of the first Test, England reached 108/3 in 28 overs. Joe Root stands unbeaten at 18* and Jonny Bairstow at 32*. Ashwin claimed 2 and Jadeja claimed 1 wicket for India. The match is finely poised for further action at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium.  

3 things you need to know

  • India vs England is currently underway 
  • England won the toss and opted to bat 
  • England currently stand at 108/3 at lunch

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Brendon McCullum does not like the term ‘Bazball’

England captain Ben Stokes emphasised the team's determination to avoid the hoopla surrounding their new approach to Test cricket. Stokes stated that their head coach, Brendon McCullum, does not really like the moniker 'Bazball,' which has been popularised by the media. Because of England's daring style of play, the partnership of Stokes and McCullum, who have led the senior national team since 2022, has captivated the world.


England has effectively disrupted the traditional conventions of Test cricket by adopting a blistering scoring rate and making daring decisions on the pitch. The unusual method has been dubbed 'Bazball,' after coach McCullum's nickname 'Baz.'

During a difficult period between 2021 and 2022, England, led by Joe Root, won only one of 17 Tests. To change the course, Root stood down as captain, and the coaching staff was overhauled. Stokes took over as captain in 2022, and England stunned many by signing former New Zealand captain McCullum as Test coach.


Since then, England has made a comeback, winning 13 of 18 Tests and creating terror in other teams with their bold and aggressive style of play. They have won series in Pakistan and New Zealand, and they staged an incredible comeback from 0-2 down to tie the Ashes series against Australia at home last year. Speaking on Jio Cinema Ben Stokes said:

“Bazball. It's a phrase that got created in the media. It's something that we try and stay away from. Baz hates it. Whenever that word pops up, we just try and say that's how the England team plays its Test match cricket,”


Published January 25th, 2024 at 12:04 IST

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