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'English cricket has a habit...': Ben Stokes and Co. given a reality check over Shoaib Bashir issue

Ahead of the start of the India vs England 1st Test, a former India player has given his say on the matter and in a way has given reality check to England team.

Reported by: Prateek Arya
Ben Stokes during a practice session. | Image:AP

With less than 24 hours left to the start of India vs England 5-match Test series, the world of cricket is excited to witness a showcase between "Bazball" and the Spin prowess of India. Ahead of the start of the 1st Test, England suffered a huge setback as young prospect Shoaib Bashir did not get the clearance to land in India and had to fly back home. The row over the matter is prevalent and the flow of opinions is at large.

3 things you need to know

  • Shoaib Bashir was denied VISA to India
  • Bashir had to fly back to the UK
  • India vs England 1st Test to begin on January 25, 2024

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Aakash Chopra hits out at England

The clouds of controversy have surrounded the India vs England series before it even began. 20-year-old young spinner, Shoaib Bashir, who was picked in the squad to demonstrate his skill at a place where he was certain to get some help, has to return home after a visa dispute. The English bowler has Pakistan roots and thereby some issues arose as the team was scheduled to reach India from UAE. Consequentially he had to fly home as his visa did not get the approval.


Following the turn of events, a huge outcry on Bashir's non-arrival has transpired and facts are being collected to gauge which side is at fault. Noting the opinions on social media, former India opener Aakash Chopra has hit out at England. According to Chopra, English Cricket tend to raise the spirit of the game issue whenever they become the aggrieved party.

“English cricket has a habit of invoking the ‘spirit’ whenever they are on the wrong side of the law.” Writes Chopra on X.


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Venkatesh Prasad also paid heed to the matter

Upon taking into account the huge outrage in English media regarding the VISA issue of Shoaib Bashir, former India bowler Venkatesh Prasad also took to social media to present some facts.


According to Prasad, "His visa needed to be stamped in the UK. The ECB sent Shoaib Bashir to the UAE, thinking it would be stamped in a third country. Not following basic procedures, assuming things and then crying foul is an old English way. If anyone, it is the ECB at fault."


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