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Gautam Gambhir opines on the IND-AUS cricket rivalry, asserts it's bigger than Indo-Pak clash

Former India cricketer Gautam Gambhir discussed the IND-AUS rivalry and how it has surpassed the classic old conflict with Pakistan.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
India vs Australia
Rohit Sharma and Pat Cummins pose with the ODI World Cup trophy at the Adalaj Stepwell | Image: ICC

The Indian Cricket Team has had some of the iconic rivalries in recent history. One of the biggest ones is the India vs Pakistan clash, which has put up one of the most iconic moments in cricket. Be it Virat Kohli's emperor-like innings or Sachin Tendulkar's irresistible knock in the 2003 semi-final, the fans have cherished a lot of classic moments in recent history. But Gautam Gambhir has some contradictory opinions over one of the world's biggest rivalries.

3 Things you need to know

  • The India-Pakistan rivalry is a classic summit clash in cricket history
  • India and Pakistan last clashed against each other in the ODI World Cup
  • Gambhir has a big remark about the Indo-Pak rivalry

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Gautam Gambhir speaks out on the Indo-Pak Cricket rivalry 

Veteran Indian cricketer Gautam Gambir asserts that the rivalry between India and Australia has emerged to be a better one than the classic India vs Pakistan clash. While speaking on a Hotstar show, the former India batter asserted that India has emerged as a dominant side in recent history, but the IND-AUS clashes tend to get intense. 


"Pakistan has dominated India a lot of times. Currently, if you see the level of both teams, India is far superior to Pakistan in all three formats. If Pakistan defeats India it's an upset, if India defeats Pakistan, it's very much given," Gambhir mentioned.

"India and Australia, from a cricketing point of view, is a top rivalry. If you ask a cricket fan what is the actual rivalry, they will also say India and Australia," he added.

Fans cheer during the India vs Pakistan ODI world Cup match | Image: AP

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Why has the IND-PAK rivalry lost its spark?

There was a time when the India vs Pakistan rivalry garnered worldwide attention and had a spark. Intense rivalries, on-field banters and power-hitting from the superstar cricketers added to the hype of watching a summit clash. However, given the political tensions between both countries, they do not engage in bilateral matches. The only time when both countries compete against each other is during an ICC or ACC tournament.

Moreover, Australia's recent success could add more intensity among the fans. India lost the WTC Final and the ODI World Cup Final, and there could be some heat brewing among both fans lately.


Published January 1st, 2024 at 13:51 IST

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