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'He doesn't smile, He's always grumpy. I'm not a Bollywood actor': Gautam Gambhir shuts down critics

Amid criticism from the fans over not expressing himself a lot, Kolkata Knight Riders mentor Gautam Gambhir has fired off a bold statement to all the naysayers.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Gautam Gambhir with R Ashwin | Image:Ashwin/Youtube

An absolute legend in the game, Gautam Gambhir has risen to prominence after he elevated the Kolkata Knight Riders, who were lingering around the bottom zone of the points table. They have emerged at the top of the table this year. With Shreyas Iyer leading the side, they have touched greatness under the mentorship of the great man. However, Gambhir has come under scrutiny for not being expressive of his emotions and having the game face on all the time. Gambhir is infamous for having a serious look, which the fans have often criticized. GG finally got the stage to set the record straight as he gave a passionate and bold retort to all the naysayers and critics over his facial expressions  

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Gautam Gambhir hammers a bold response to all the critics over his facial expressions 

Gautam Gambhir appeared as a guest in R Ashwin's YouTube show, Kutti Stories with Ash, as they touched upon a multitude of topics. Gautam Gambhir stated he is not an actor in Hindi cinema, and that his sole responsibility is to conquer the match and establish an optimal atmosphere in the locker room. The former World Cup winner stated that supporters came to the stadium to cheer on the team they were supporting, not to see him smirk.


"I don't understand. I, you know, sometimes when people talk about, you know, he doesn't smile, he doesn't laugh, he's always intense, he's always grumpy, he's always walking on the edge, he's always, he always has his game face on. People don't come to watch me smile. Unfortunately, people come to watch me win. That's the kind of profession we guys are in. I can't help it. I'm not in entertainment. I'm not a Bollywood actor, or I'm not a corporate. I'm a cricketer. I'm into performing art.

"My job is that I want to come back in a winning dressing room. And fortunately, unfortunately, a winning dressing room is a happy dressing room, is a winning dressing room. And I have all the right to fight for myself, for my teammates and do everything possible within the spirit of the game to try and beat the opposition. And that is all I have learnt how to do. And I will do it till the last, probably till the last day of my life, if I'm involved with cricket. And there is nothing wrong," Gautam Gambhir said.

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The Gautam Gambhir and Chandrakant Pandit-led KKR will be in action in the first IPL playoffs match, and they will face the fast-pacing Sunrisers Hyderabad at the world's largest cricket venue, the Narendra Modi Stadium, on May 21st, 2024. 


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