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Ian Chappell's bold claim on T20 cricket's overwhelming popularity threatens Test cricket's future

Ian Chappell criticizes Test cricket's slow pace, citing growing T20 popularity and advocating for improvements by players and administrators.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Test cricket
Test cricket | Image:AP

The great Australian cricketer Ian Chappell has voiced concerns about the future of Test cricket due to the growing popularity of Twenty20 cricket. Chappell is calling for cooperation between administrators and players to guarantee Test cricket's existence and ongoing importance. Test cricket's continued significance in the modern era has been hotly debated in recent years by both cricket analysts and former players. The prevailing inclination of spectators, managers, and even a few players towards Twenty20 cricket has initiated a dialogue on the future course of the conventional format. Chappell's worries highlight the necessity of coordinated efforts to maintain the character and allure of Test cricket in the face of T20 cricket's dominance.

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What did Ian Chappell say about the future of Test cricket?

Ian Chappell called the speed of play in Test cricket "abysmal" in his article for ESPNcricinfo. Ian Chappell wrote: 


“It's no secret that Test cricket is an endangered species. Administrators are enamored of T20's popularity and its huge financial rewards; there has been a world-wide explosion of T20 leagues and now players are signing long-term contracts with major T20 franchises. These are all contributing factors,” 

“The pace of play in Test cricket is abysmal. It's slowing every day and nothing is being done to improve matters. On the one hand Ben Stokes genuinely strives to improve the entertainment quotient of Test cricket but he's being undermined by the administrators' lack of initiative,”

In addition, the former captain of Australia questioned the custom of batters gathering mid-pitch for talks during overs without being penalized. He also wondered if drinks may be consumed in Test cricket matches other than during scheduled pauses.


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Ian Chappell also made a huge statement about the ICC’s game clock 

Despite the International Cricket Council's (ICC) recent decision to try a game-time clock to improve the speed of white-ball cricket, Chappell believes that games should flow organically. He encourages administrators to prioritize the game's natural flow rather than relying only on time-based interventions. Talking about the issue Ian Chappel wrote: 

“When was the last time the stipulated minimum number of overs were completed in the regular time allocated for a Test day's play? Six hours of cricket is ample - for players, the fans, the viewers and administrators. Everything should be done to avoid the game enduring overtime. Overtime is one of the more boring aspects of cricket,” 

“Cricket needs to operate as a partnership between players and administrators. It's about time that relationship was formalized and the game was allowed to grow accordingly,” 



Published January 14th, 2024 at 14:09 IST

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