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'Ben Stokes and others like Virat Kohli...': Nasser Hussain gives a REALITY CHECK to cricketers

Nasser Hussain contemplates over England captain Ben Stokes' DRS & Umpire's Call criticism and compared it with the fallout over the VAR in Football.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Virat Kohli and Ben Stokes | Image:PTI

England entered Rajkot intending to break the level of the series. After the visitors won the opening Test match in Hyderabad, India won the second Test in Visakhapatnam and entered Rajkot to compete at the Niranjan Shah Stadium. the hosts thrashed England after they put up a target of 557 runs, and they could not even achieve half of the target. After the match, skipper Ben Stokes vented his frustration on DRS over the Umpire's call that led to Zak Crawley's dismissal. An English cricket legend has put his thoughts on the situation.  

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Nasser Hussain opens up on Ben Stokes' criticism for Umpire's Call

Former England skipper Nasser Hussain addressed some questions of the general audience in his column for DailyMail. One question was over Ben Stokes' criticism of the DRS in the IND vs ENG Test Series. While the former English skipper opened up on his admiration for DRS and the umpire's call, he agreed to one aspect of the skipper's criticism.


"Technology can be fallible but I've always been very strong on the fact I like the DRS and I also like umpire's call. Look at the shemozzle with VAR in football. It's just not like that in cricket. 

Stokes and others like Virat Kohli may want to get rid of it but umpire's call is not there to protect the officials it's there because of the margin of error in the technology," Nasser Hussain wrote in his column for DailyMail.

ENG Captain Ben Stokes with the ball during the second Test match between India and England at Visakhapatnam | Image: BCCI

"Bear in mind, also, there have been a couple of changes in the system and the ball can now clip the top of the bails. 

"The lbws for Ollie Pope and Zak Crawley in the third Test did look high but they have increased the height by 1.3 centimetres," Nasser added. 


The former English captain stated that the one thing he and Stokes agree on is that the footage of Crawley's wicket showed the ball missing the stumps. If such is the case, one cannot have it.

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England will now travel to Ranchi and will aim to take a sweep in the final two test matches. The fourth match is all set to take place from February 23rd to 27th at the JSCA International Stadium Complex.


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