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That is the day my parents decided...': MS Dhoni's classic reply on choosing #7 as his jersey number

When asked what his preferred jersey number was, former Team India captain MS Dhoni said it wasn't difficult for him to pick number seven.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
MS Dhoni in action for Team India | Image: BCCI

MS Dhoni is the epitome of excellence when it comes to the realm of cricket. His composure and brilliance have led the Indian Cricket Team towards new heights and incredible success. Dhoni is still revered as one of the most iconic figures as the fans still throng into Stadiums when he is in action during the IPL seasons. While Cristiano Ronaldo has made the number 7 jersey famous, MS Dhoni is responsible for making the number iconic in India. But why did the legendary skipper choose seven instead of any other number? Dhoni himself gave a witty reason why.

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MS Dhoni discloses the importance of getting 'seven' as his jersey numberΒ 

MS Dhoni's decision to select number seven for his jersey is a no-brainer, but it also involves a witty reason and some humour from his side. As stated by Dhoni, the number was meaningful because it was the day when his parents decided he would bless the planet. However, his explanation clarified the sentimental significance of his famous jersey number.


"That is the time or day my parents decided I would come on earth,"Β MS Dhoni said at a promotional event.

"So, I was born on the 7th of July. So July is again the seventh month. 81 was the year, so 8-1 = 7. So it was very easy for me to go out there when they asked me, 'Okay, what number do you want',"Β the former World Cup-winning captain added.


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Even though MS Dhoni took up retirement from International Cricket in 2020, he is still active in the IPL sector. Fans fill the stadium while donning the number 7 jersey to get a glimpse of the superstar cricketer. Dhoni will return for another season in 2024 and would lead the Chennai Super Kings in the tournament.


Published February 11th, 2024 at 15:42 IST