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'It DOESN'T MATTER WHO YOU ARE': Michael Vaughan's scathing review of England's display in India

Former English cricketer Michael Vaughan is unsure of certain England players' fate after the completion of the IND vs ENG Test series.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
IND vs ENG: Michael Vaughan not happy with England | Image:BCCI/Michael Vaughan Instagram

England will have some key amends to make ahead of their Test match against India. After losing the Test series, England still has a chance to pick up a consolation win while at Dharamshala. After the series, the team could undergo an overhaul. England has struggled for a while now, and their title defence at the ODI World Cup speaks a lot. With the T20 WC all set to take place this year at the Carribean, the charge will remain over the Three Lions' management to make changes for the team to flourish. A former English cricketer has also opined to it and has cast his doubts over a couple of players' fate.

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Michael Vaughan cites uncertainty over certain England cricketers' Test fate 

Certain England players' future in Test cricket will be in jeopardy after the IND vs ENG Test series, and Michael Vaughan certainly believes it. While writing in his column for The Telegraph, the former cricketer said that there must be consequences after the team's display in the red-ball series and probably ahead of the T20 World Cup 2024.


'I like that things will be a bit more cut-throat, with consequences this week. At least one of the top seven will be dropped for the summer, which might be the moment that triggers them into action. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you get a century this week you are playing in the next Test, and someone else misses out for Brook. It’s not totally different to a year ago with Bairstow’s return, but in terms of results, you felt they were in a much stronger position then. It does not feel such an embarrassment of riches now,' Michael Vaughan said.

England players react to a DRS call during a match of the IND vs ENG Test series | Image: BCCI  

Vaughan also opened up on Jonny Bairstow's 100th Test appearance, but that does not mean that he may not face the hard fact of being slashed off the Test team due to his mediocre performance. 


'Jonny Bairstow plays his 100th Test in Dharamsala and I am delighted about that. It’s a great triumph of resilience and, even in terms of sentiment, I believe that if you get to 99 caps you deserve the moment of your 100th. However, you can’t escape that he could miss out on his 101st. He hasn’t played well enough across the 10 Tests he’s been back in the side, especially in India.'

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Team India will face England in the ultimate match of the IND vs ENG Test series at the HPCA Stadium in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. 


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