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UNWANTED & WRETCHED: Australia become first-ever team in history to register undesirable record

Australia makes unfortunate history as the first team ever to earn an undesirable and wretched record in the sport.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
AUS vs NZ: Australia registers big record | Image:TNT Sports

Australian cricket team is arguably one of the best teams in the world right now, after winning the World Test Championship and ICC ODI World Cup last year they have set their eyes on the upcoming ICC T20I World Cup in June 2024. However, it seems like their bowling preparation for the shortest format world cup raises concerns after their recent performances. 

Australia's T20I Woes: Conceding 200+ Runs in Four Consecutive Matches

The Australian cricket team has stumbled into unprecedented terrain as they became the first side in T20 International (T20I) history to let up 200 runs or more in four straight games. Cricket commentators and fans alike are now doubting the once-dominant bowling ability of the Australians due to this unusual run of results.

The pattern first emerged during Australia's T20 series against the West Indies earlier this month. In the opening match of the series, Australia recorded a dominant total of 213/7, but the West Indies responded with an amazing 202/8. Despite winning by 11 runs, Australia's bowling squad showed weaknesses, laying the groundwork for future battles.

  • T20 1 of 3 (AUS leads 1-0)
    • Fri, 9 Feb
    • Australia: 213/7 (20)
    • West Indies: 202/8 (20)
    • AUS won by 11 runs

Throughout the rest of the series, Australia's bowling problems persisted. Australia amassed a massive 241/4 in the second Twenty20 International, but they were able to hold off the West Indies, who scored 207/9 in reply. Cricket circles expressed alarm over Australia's failure to stop the runs flowing, even though they managed to secure another victory, this time by 34 runs.


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  • T20 2 of 3 (AUS leads 2-0)
    • Sun, 11 Feb
    • Australia: 241/4 (20)
    • West Indies: 207/9 (20)
    • AUS won by 34 runs

The West Indies exacted retribution in the last match of the series, scoring 220/6 and beating Australia by 37 runs. This setback not only provided a consolation victory for the West Indies, but it also exposed Australia's proclivity for allowing large scores on a regular basis.

  • T20 3 of 3 (AUS wins 2-1)
    • Tue, 13 Feb
    • West Indies: 220/6 (20)
    • Australia: 183/5 (20)
    • WI won by 37 runs

Australia's bowling unit will be put to the test once more as they get ready to play New Zealand in their current Twenty20 International series. Australia has a formidable 215-run target in the opening game of the series against New Zealand. Australia's batting order has to put forth a strong effort to defeat their trans-Tasman foes but they continued to concede 200+ runs in a T20I match.

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  • T20 1 of 3
    • New Zealand: 215/3 (20)
    • The match is currently underway

As the cricketing world waits with bated breath, Australia's quest to correct its bowling troubles and recover its dominance in T20I cricket continues, with millions of fans' hopes hanging on their shoulders.



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