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How to get mienfoo in Pokemon Go? Know all about new Go Battle league of season 8

Mienfoo, a fresh new character in Pokemon Go, has arrived as a reward in the GO Battle League. So how to get Mienfoo in Pokemon Go? Read on.

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how to get mienfoo in pokemon go
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Mienfoo is one of the Fighting-type Pokemon that has stats of 160 attack, a defence of 98, stamina of 128 and a max CP of 1570 in Pokemon Go. The first time it was introduced was in Generation 5 in the Unova region. Mienfoo is known to be weak against Fairy, Flying and Psychic type moves and its attacks get boosted by Cloudy weather. As of now the players cannot find this Pokemon in the wilf. So how to get Mienfoo in Pokemon Go? Continue reading the article to know all about obtain Pokemon Go Mienfoo.

Pokemon Go Mienfoo

Mienfoo, a fresh new character in Pokémon GO, has arrived as a reward in the GO Battle League. In this Go Battle League, the Fighting type character will only be rewarded after reaching a particular level. Trainers will have several opportunities to meet the "Martial Arts" Pokemon throughout GO Battle Season 8 as they progress through the League.

Before you can even get to the level where you can get Mienfoo, the reward pool contains Pokemon like Ninetails, Poliwhirl, Machoke, Sableye, Snover, and Ariados. You'll gain one of these every time you earn a Pokémon encounter for winning matches in GO Battle League Season 8 until you reach level 5. It's best if you catch all of them because Mienfoo will be added to the reward pool once you reach level 5 and this is the next Pokemon that you will encounter. The more encounters you get, the more your chances will be to obtain this Pokemon and earn enough candies to evolve it further.

Pokemon Go Update - Go Battle League Season 8

Your end-of-season awards for Season 7 will be accessible on the Battle screen when Season 8 begins on Monday, May 31, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT 7) on the Battle screen, including an Elite Fast TM if you attained rank 19 or higher. Your rating is going to be reset.

Season 8 of the Pokémon GO Battle League has begun, and Mienfoo, the Martial Arts Pokémon, will make its debut as a guaranteed encounter reward at rank 5 this season. As the players progress, they will have more opportunities to encounter Mienfoo, allowing them to collect enough Candy to evolve it into Mienshao.

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