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How to tame a fox in Minecraft and get them to be more loyal to you?

Foxes are incredibly cute animals and one of the many species available in Minecraft. Continue reading to learn how to tame a fox in Minecraft.

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Foxes are nocturnal mobs and one of the many species that you can find in the wilds of Minecraft. A number of users are actually keen to have one of these fluffy animals as a friend, however, it’s also important to understand how you can actually become friends with them.

And if you’re actually interested in having them as your best friends, you will also need to know a few things about how to tame a fox in Minecraft. So, let us take a look at where you can find a fox in Minecraft and how to tame them.

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How to find a fox in Minecraft

It can be a bit difficult to find foxes in Minecraft than most of the other animals. They often spawn in the taiga, giant tree taiga and the snowy biomes. These are the colder forests that can be found on the surface.

And considering they are nocturnal animals, they are more likely to spawn when it is completely dark. Foxes will mostly spawn in groups of around two to four, and there is a 5% chance that they will spawn as baby foxes. For those looking for a specific colour, you should keep in mind that red foxes can be found in the normal Taigas while the white ones can be seen within the snowy biomes.

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How to tame a fox in Minecraft

Once you have finally found a fox in Minecraft, you will notice that they keep scampering away from you. You will actually need to sneak to approach them as they usually tend to shy away. So, the best way to bridge this gap and develop a bond is to carry some sweet berries along with you.

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How to get a loyal fox in Minecraft

You actually need to convince two foxes in the vicinity to procreate. To do so, you simply need to give one sweet berry to one fox, then give another sweet berry to the other one with whom you want it to mate. This will tame both the foxes while increasing their chances to breed. Once you have done that, you need to wait for the two foxes to breed. Any freshly-hatched fox that is the result of two tamed foxes will be born tame by default and will be more loyal to you.

What do foxes do in Minecraft

Foxes that trust you and have been tamed will also get you things that they pick up in their mouths. And while they mostly bring you feathers, there is a chance that they can get you other cool items as well.

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