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Xbox Fridge sent to Snoop Dogg and iJustine; Get Xbox Fridge price and giveaway details

Microsoft has sent the Xbox Fridge to Snoop Dogg and Youtuber iJustine ahead of Xbox Series X launch. Scroll on to get Xbox Fridge price and giveaway details

Reported by: Danish Ansari
Xbox Fridge
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Microsoft's Xbox Series X is one of the most awaited gaming consoles that is set to come out later this year. The next-generation console has become a huge talking point for gamers owing to its massive processing power and various other capabilities. However, ever since the Xbox Series X was unveiled by the company, many fans compared the console to a refrigerator due to its chunky size, which resulted in numerous jokes on social media.

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It now appears that Microsoft has been paying close attention to these jokes, and was quick to embrace them. But it was taken to such an extent that the company went on to build an actual Fridge resembling the Xbox Series X unit. 

It is learnt that Microsoft has created three units of the Xbox Fridge. One of which was sent to influencer Justine Ezarik, also known as iJustine, while the second unit was sent to Snoop Dogg. iJustine posted an unboxing video on YouTube, giving fans a detailed look of the Xbox Fridge.

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Snoop Dogg also shared a short video on his Instagram, showing off the product and a few Xbox-themed goodies that came along with it. And while the rapper soon removed the video, it was re-shared by a Twitter user.

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Is Xbox Series x Fridge for sale?

The Xbox Fridge will not go on sale. As noted earlier, Microsoft has only created three units of the Xbox Fridge. The third unit in question will be auctioned off to a fan, as revealed by iJustine. Having said that, there are no details on the Xbox Fridge price. Also, there aren't any details on participating in the giveaway.

It is not clear at the moment if the company has collaborated with the American rapper to promote its latest line of gaming console. However, it is an indication that the two parties could be working on some kind of a promotional campaign for Xbox Series X's upcoming launch next month. However, there won't be an Xbox Fridge giveaway as it is not for sale.

The Xbox Series X is set to release worldwide on November 10 at participating retailers. The gaming console will be launched alongside the affordable Xbox Series S.

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