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Adobe Flash Player Plugged Out, Netizens Bid Farewell With Memes

The company announced that it will halt both Internet Explorer 11 and Adobe Flash at the end of 2020 and that it will no longer support it in 2021. 

Adobe Flash

On January 1, as Adobe decided to pull the plug and shut the Flash Player basis its 2017 decision, netizens launched a meme fest, sharing memories about the now-discontinued web plugin. Remembering the golden era of animated Adobe Flash animation, the internet shared memes, lamenting the demise of Microsoft’s one of the most widely used plugins. The company announced that it will halt both Internet Explorer 11 and Adobe Flash at the end of 2020 and that it will no longer support it in 2021. Taking to Twitter, netizens shared jokes and their experiences about using the Flash that contributed greatly to an era of rich content, gaming, animations, and media across several years. 

While Adobe had partnered with Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Apple, and many others, to make Flash meet the web standards of the contemporary plugin powering HTML5, the firm ultimately decided to halt the software service. With the advent of 2021, Microsoft announced that it will stop supporting the Flash, adding that the service will remain active until January 12 but the plugin will no longer work across the browsers.

Netizens were grieved as many shared creative animated content that they produced using the Flashback in their school days. As Microsoft and partners embarked on enriching the open web without the need for plug-ins, users said goodbye to their favourite service, sharing witty one-liners bidding farewell to the Adobe Flash Player. Many were heartbroken to uninstall Flash from their computer, calling it the end of an era and putting the animated content on the microblogging site to pay tribute to the service. 

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Adobe's last day of operation

“You'll be missed Adobe Flash Player,” a user wrote sharing a meme about the Flash player. “Less than 6 hours on Adobe Flash Central Time..It's crazy that Adobe is going end just by the Adobe team walking away,” another grieved. “Releasing this meme as a tribute to the one and only Raft Wars, good night sweet prince,” another said. “Today is Adobe Flash’s last day of operation, and as a kid who spent hours playing games on Cartoon Network’s website in the mid-2000s, it's unbelievably sad to see it go. RIP to an internet Titan,” another paid tribute.

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