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Android 11 Issues: Chat Heads Not Working And Other Android 11 Problems

Android 11 was officially released for a few brands of smartphones. However, with every new software update, come the bugs. Read about android 11 issues.

android 11 issues

Android 11 was officially released for a few brands of smartphones recently and received positive feedback. However, with every new software update, come the bugs. Read below to find out more about Android 11 issues. 

Android 11 Issues

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Since being released users have identified several android 11 problems. Maybe you should hold on for a bit before upgrading your OS to Android 11. So before you download the latest update, you should know about android 11 features that are bugged. Also, make sure to keep a backup of your data before updating. What are these problems? Let's take a look.  

Android 11 Bubbles

The new bubbles feature in Android 11 is notoriously buggy and users are wondering how Google messed up this issue after having months in Beta testing. This feature isn't fully polished yet and thus, not very user friendly. Messenger chat heads not working in Android 11 has undoubtedly been the main issue. There have also been other issues aside from Android 11 bubbles.

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Pixel users have reported that they have been running issues during the installation process. People have reported on Android forums that some are having connectivity issues after updating, others have problems with battery draining fast. Some users' devices are laggy, some have sound issues and there have been problems with the media controls. This is to be expected though, with any new software releases. 


Android 11 also has issues with gaming controllers like Sony's Dualshock Controller and Google's Stadia Controller. This issue has been ongoing, even before the update was officially released. Some devices have had issues where certain apps cannot be used full screen. This could be problematic for gamers who use their phones to play games like Pubg, Fortnite, Genshin Impact etc.

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As more and more people down the update, we will become aware of more upcoming issues with the update. People will take to Twitter and other social media sites to report their bugs so keep your eyes open for these developments in the near future. If you want to fixes to any of your issues or want any other problems resolved, it's always a good idea to Google's official android forums. Now based the information above, you can decide if it's the right time for you to upgrade to Android 11 or if you want to wait till Google irons out the kinks in it's OS. 

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