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Apple Watch Heart Month Challenge Not Working: How To Fix The Issue?

Apple Watch Heart Month challenge not working. Apple Watch users are reporting that the new Heart Month challenge is not issuing badges despite completion.

Apple Watch challenge

Apple has recently rolled out a new Apple Watch Activity Challenge for Heart Month which is available for everyone who owns an Apple Watch. The challenge has been called the 'Heart Month Challenge' and it aims to promote cardiovascular health among its users. As part of the Apple Watch Heart Month challenge, Apple Watch owners have been tasked with earning 60 minutes on their Exercise ring, which displays how many minutes of brisk activity a user has completed.

For every user who completes the challenge, they shall be rewarded with an exclusive virtual badge from Apple that will show up in their iPhone's Activity app. It is accessed through the Summary tab of the app. It can also be viewed through the Awards section of the app on the smartwatch.

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Heart Month challenge not working

A number of users have reported they have completed the Apple Watch Heart Month challenge, however, the virtual badge doesn't seem to appear on the iPhone's Activity app or the Awards section on the smartwatch. Several Apple Watch users have been taking to social media platforms to report that they have recorded their activity exceeding 60 minutes, however, the app still shows the challenge is not yet complete. This has obviously been a frustrating experience for users who haven't been able to earn the badge despite all the efforts. 

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Apple Watch Heart Month challenge issue: How to fix it?

As Apple Watch users continue to look for a fix, the Apple Support team has finally confirmed that once a user completes the Apple Watch Heart Month challenge, it can take up to nine days for the app to display the award. However, it appears that the issue is being faced by a few users. Right now, the only viable solution is to sit back and wait until your hard-earned Heart Month challenge badge shows up on your device.

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A number of users have been asking how to turn off Apple Watch or reset Apple Watch in an effort to fix the issue, but unfortunately, that wouldn't work. Also, it is worth noting that resetting your Apple Watch will only erase all your valuable data and content. If you are still looking to perform a reset, you can do so by following the 'Reset' option on your Apple Watch which can be accessed by following this path on your smartwatch Settings > General > Reset.  

To restart the Apple Watch, you simply need to press and hold the side buttons and Digital Crown for about 10 seconds, then release them once the Apple logo appears.

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