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Apple WatchOS 7 Supported Devices, Release Date And Other Details

Apple WatchOS 7 has a number of new software upgrades by Apple. Learn about the WatchOS7 release date, features, and other important details.

apple watchos 7

Watch OS7 is set to release with a number of new software upgrades by Apple. Apple is set to release some intense software upgrades for quite a few of their products. These software upgrades include iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and TVOS 14. Along with these software upgrades, Apple has provided the fans with some heavy hardware upgrades too namely, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Se, iPad Air 4, and iPad 8th Generation. Apple’s Time Flies event recently was a gigantic success.

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WatchOS 7 supported devices

The new update is awaited by many Apple Watch users. Along with Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple watch SE, this update will only extend to Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 4, and Apple Watch Series 3. Unfortunately, Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1 will not be receiving this update.

WatchOS 7 release date

Apple’s Time Flies event had Apple Watch Series 6 as the showstopper. Apple Watch SE was unveiled in this event too. Both the new editions will be shipped with WatchOS 7. WatchOS 7 release date for other supported devices has been set for 16th September 2020.

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WatchOS 7 features

WatchOS 7 brings a number of upgrades to devices that will support the update. These features have been mentioned below:

WatchOS 7 Faces

  • WatchOS 7 complications have been streamlined. Users can now create their own custom selection of Watch Faces.
  • Another feature made available in WatchOS 7 is the sharing of Watch Faces, its called ‘Face Sharing’. Users can now download any watch face they like and will be provided with a prompt button to initiate a download.

Sleep Tracking

  • Sleep Tracking has been added to the health application in the WatchOS. Users can now create their own sleep routine with the help of the ‘Wind Down’ feature.
  • Users can set alarms with either audio feedback or haptic feedback through their Apple watch
  • Health application provides better insights with the sleep tracking information being recorded


  • Users now get cycling information in the watch itself. Simplified instructions have been laid down for the user in the maps application
  • Maps will provide information if there’s an elevation on the route
  • User can create their own custom routes
  • Users can ask Siri to create a route of their liking. For example a direct route or a hilly route to the destination.

Fitness Plus

  • Fitness Plus is a new service being provided by Apple. Users can watch stored workouts on the application that will help them out in their exercise routine
  • Data collected from the Apple Watch can be put up on the Apple TV for the users to review.


  • Dance is an added category in workouts, it will include the genres, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Cardio Dance, and Latin.
  • Core training, functional strength training, and cool-down exercises have been added to workouts too.

Family Set-Up

  • Family Set up has been added where one iPhone can set up more than one apple watch at a time. This helps families to keep a track of their children’s goals too.


  • The Corona Pandemic is not something to be taken lightly and this is believed by Apple too. The new watchOS 7 will check if the user is washing their hands for 20-seconds.
  • It will provide fun audio cues to keep the process interesting
  • The information collected will be fed into the iPhone’s health application.


  • WatchOS 7 will let the user know through the noise app if they are in an environment where the sound is loud enough to endanger their hearing
  • The standard has been set at 80 decibels per 40 hours a week. This standard has been set by the World Health Organization
  • None of the information recorded will be relayed to any of the iPhone’s applications

On-Device Siri

  • Apple watches will be able to handle translation and dictation with the help of Siri and the new WatchOS 7. They can also use this feature to announce messages.

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