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Garmin App Not Working? Here's Why Garmin Connect Was Down For Maintenance

Garmin app not working issue has been creating a lot of problems for users. However, Garmin acknowledged that it was hit by a ransomware attack by hackers. Read

garmin app not working

The Garmin Connect app is a popular tool for tracking, analyzing and sharing health and fitness activities recorded by the Garmin device. Garmin has been a go-to technology for tracking health activities effectively. However, the recent major Garmin app crashing issues have created a lot of news. Many speculations suggested that the personal data of the users has been stolen. However, the company has denied all such rumours saying there is "no indication" of it happening back in the day.

Garmin app not working problem acknowledged by Garmin

Garmin app not working issues have been resolved and many of the functions have resumed working, as per Garmin. However, the Garmin Connect app is completely down which means riders and runners would have to wait for a while until the systems are back up to wirelessly upload activities from their Garmin GPS devices and watches. These issues started occurring from July 23, 2020, and the organisation is still trying to work around the crashing problems.

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Why is Garmin Connect app not working?

According to several reports, on Monday i.e. July 27, Garmin acknowledged of being a victim of ransomware attack from hackers demanding money. The hackers reportedly demanded $10 million but this has not yet been confirmed by Garmin until now. However, some Garmin Connect features are back up and running but that users might continue to face delays and upload issues.

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As per the statement passed by the Garmin team: “This will happen automatically. Given the volume, this may take a week or longer. Thanks for your patience. If you need to upload your activity before then, instructions for how to upload manually are below. If you already manually uploaded an activity, don’t worry – duplicate activities won’t appear when the same activity syncs automatically. We won’t be responding to support tickets related to delayed or duplicated uploads, as most of these issues will resolve themselves”. As per many reports, the hackers will provide Garmin with decryption keys that would allow the US company to unlock the data lost in the attack. This means that the users can expect the app back up sooner and can wait for the app to resume its function normally after the company comes in terms with the Garmin app not working problem. 

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