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How To Do A Video Call On WhatsApp With More Than Four People? Read Details

How to do a video call on WhatsApp with more than four people has been listed. Read below to know how users can do a video call with multiple people.

how to do a video call on whatsapp

As the Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world, people are using various video calling platforms and communication with their friends and family. Moreso, various educational institutes across the globe are also using video call platforms to take lectures online. So a stable video calling platform is all users actually need right now as various complaints around video calling quality have also emerged along with the growing popularity.

Now, it is revealed that WhatsApp messenger has now introduced the feature of video calling with more than four people at the same time. 

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WhatsApp introduces new video call feature

As per many technology news portals on the internet, WhatsApp has increased the number of participants in video calls from four to eight. This version will be initially launched for users who have beta versions of Android and IOS. Users need to download the beta version of WhatsApp too or else the video call feature will not be enabled. 

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Here is how to set up a video call with eight people on WhatsApp

  • Launch WhatsApp and select the group you wish to video call. WhatsApp will directly start the video call with the saved numbers on the group. 
  • Another easy way for users to start a video call by opening the Calls tab and tap the call button. New Group option will be provided where people can add the numbers of people they wish to add for the video call. 
  • People can also make a group of people they are constantly on video calls with. This makes it easier for users as they can connect a video call with just one click and not have to manually add them every time. 

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