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Silhouettte Challenge Goes Wrong As Netizens Remove Red Filter From The Videos

The Silhouette challenge has been going viral on the internet over the past few weeks but it went too far when some miscreants removed the red filter.

silhouette challenge

The silhouette challenge took social media by a storm as Twitter flooded with users posting snaps and videos with a red filter while dancing seductively by a door. As the challenge evolved, users started using techniques and tricks to modify the videos. However, it seems as though the challenge has now been hacked in a sense as people started removing the red lights filter from the videos.

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Silhouette Challenge filter removed

The viral internet trend started as a form of empowerment and a way for people to feel good about their bodies and comfortable in their skin. However, some miscreants found a way to remove the red filter and perverted a feel-good trend. Several videos have been posted on Youtube teaching people how the red filter is removed.

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Silhouette challenge leaks

Shockingly instructions have also been sharedTwitter and Reddit. A subreddit has been banned for posting edited videos. According to Buzzfeed, the subreddit called r/SilhouetteUnfiltered, had posted several videos where the challenge was hacked. At least two Twitter accounts that were editing TikToks on request and shaming the people in them have been suspended by Twitter. To the shock of many netizens, the silhouette challenge has been turned into a cautionary tale that is now spreading across Internet warning others from attempting the challenge.

Source: Still from YouTube

Here's how Twitter reacted to the Red filter removed Silhouette challenge

'Buss It' challenge gone wrong

OnlyFans creator Slim Santana shocked social media with her 'Buss It' Challenge in a white robe, and people have been reacting to the x-rated clip on Twitter. In the Buss it challenge, people are seen transforming from a casual look to a full-glam version of themselves. So far, celebrities like Chloe Bailey have participated in the challenge and impressed their fans.

Usually, we also see people lightly dancing to Erica Banks’ Buss it and when the chorus drops they appear in their glammed-up version. In her video, Santana is seen wearing a white robe and as the chorus stops, fans see her entirely naked and having intercourse with a man. Naturally, the x-rated clip has been deleted from all social platforms but it has been posted in one community on Reddit.

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