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Snapchat Cameo: How To Delete Snapchat Cameo? A Step By Step Guide

how to delete Snapchat Cameo: Learn What is Cameo, how to get Cameo selfie, how to delete Snapchat Cameo, what are the steps involved in doing it and more

how to delete Snapchat Cameos

If you want to use GIFs effectively in Snapchat, then you have to get familiar with the Snapchat Cameos. With this feature, you can paste your head over a looping video. What’s even more great is that you have hundreds of Cameos to choose from. In this post, we are going to look at what are Snapchat Cameos, how to get a Snapchat Cameo, how to delete a Snapchat Cameo and more.

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If you always thought Bitmoji stickers are more personalized and had a powerful influence on you, welcome to a new world of Snapchat Cameos. Actually, the Cameos were born building on the success of Bitmoji stickers. You can use Bitmoji Avatar in relatable situations, but the Snapchat Cameos will bring your messages to a brand new level of personalization.

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How to get a Snapchat Cameo?

In order to get a Snapchat Cameo, you have to take a picture of your head and paste that image on top of a video that is already available in the Snapchat video bank. What it allows you to do is that you can send a personalized GIF to portray your feelings instead of using a Bitmoji Avatar. To send such a personalized message, all you have to do is to search through the imoji section and locate the Snapchat Cameo option.

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But wait. Before you start using the Cameo option, you have to set up the Cameo selfie. To set up a Snapchat Cameo selfie, first, launch the Snapchat app and then open a chat with any user. Now, tap the emoji option next to the chatbox. You should be able to see all your Bitmoji stickers if you have already linked Bitmoji to your Snapchat account.

In the bottom panel, tap the option next to Bitmoji. Now the icon will display a face with a plus sign on it. After this, tap on any video and get ready to take a selfie. Position your face perfectly in the given frame.

If the selfie didn’t work out perfectly, then you can take another one. Next, select your gender and tap continue. In the next screen, you’ll see the Cameo created by the app. If you don’t like the one, you can always create a new one by tapping retake selfie. You’ll be redirected to the start screen.

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How to delete Snapchat Cameo?

To delete the Cameo selfie, launch the Snapchat app and tap on your Bitmoji in the top left corner. Now, click settings and scroll down all the way to the bottom. Select on the clear my Cameo selfie and clear. That is all there is to it. you have successfully deleted the Cameo selfie.

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We hope that we’ve given clear, step by step instruction on how to delete Snapchat Cameo. It is very easier than you think. Keep it as a reference source. It will help you to do this task efficiently.

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