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Snapchat Egg Hunt Hack: How To Cheat And Score A Point Or Five?

The Snapchat Egg Hunt has gone live and allows you to collect virtual eggs from various locations. Read on to learn how to cheat on Snapchat Egg Hunt.

Snapchat Egg Hunt

Snapchat has hosted an Easter Egg Hunt event over the weekend for users which lets them track down virtual eggs that are hidden across the world-famous landmarks within the app's location-tracking Snap Map feature. Players can go up against their friends to try and collect the most number of eggs and top the game's leaderboard.

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Snapchat Egg Hunt hacks

Users have revealed that there are certain hotspots on the map that offer a lot of Easter eggs to help tally one's score without having to spend much time playing the game. France, Luxemburg and Armenia are some of the locations that are known to have tons of Easter eggs. Players have been able to get around 200 eggs from Armenia alone. You can also explore the regions between Colombia and Mexico with users claiming they were able to get close to 1000 eggs from here.

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How to cheat on Snapchat Egg Hunt?

While this may not sound like a cheat, a trick you can use here is to go for the shiny eggs on the map that will you five points each as opposed to one point for a normal egg. Also, when you are low on scores, one hack to follow is to search for a basket on the map that will get you an egg candy machine to distribute a lot more eggs.

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How to play Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt?

To play the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt, you can simply open up the Snapchat app on your device and swipe down on the Camera Screen to access the Snap Map.

Now, look for near world-famous landmarks for eggs, and click on the eggs to add them to your basket. You can also click on any of the baskets to begin a mini-game.

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