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What Is Storm Surge In Fortnite? How Does It Work And Secret To Avoid It?

A storm surge warning may appear during Fortnite matches and deal damages to some players. Read on to know what is Storm Surge in Fortnite and how to avoid it.

What is Storm Surge in Fortnite

Fortnite has had the Storm Surge mechanic for a while now. The change was mainly introduced as a way to keep players away from camping. The feature was implemented in competitive modes and it encouraged users to target their enemies or be targeted by the ominous Storm Surge. It also helps thin out the battlefield as the surge closes in. So if you have experienced a Storm Surge in the past, and want to know how it actually works, or how it could be avoided, here’s all you need to know.

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What is Fortnite Storm Surge?

The Storm Surge is a mechanic that starts to deal 25 damage to a player’s health per tick. It tends to disregard and bypass a player’s shields and aims straight for their health. 25 damage per tick is quite a big one and you should avoid it being one of the less aggressive players. You can avoid being a victim by dealing more damage than those who deal the least damage, or wait for the player threshold to be met during the game. If the Storm Surge hits you, go all out to deal some damage and get out of being one of the targeted few.

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How does Storm Surge work in Fortnite?

The Storm Surge is a mechanic that inspires an aggressive style of play while narrowing down the players on the field. It normally occurs when Fortnite detects there are too many players remaining in a circle and decides to punish the cagey players. This is essentially based on the sliding scale of players to circle size. It will take place once a certain number of players are left in a circle. Take a look here:

  • Circle 1 – 60 Players Remaining
  • Circle 2 – 44 Players Remaining
  • Circle 3 – 30 Players Remaining
  • Circle 4 – 20 Players Remaining
  • Circle 5 – 16 Players Remaining
  • Circle 6 – 14 Players Remaining
  • Circle 7 – 12 Players Remaining
  • Circle 8 – 6 Players Remaining
  • Circle 9 – 2 Players Remaining

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