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What Happened To Yahoo Comments Section? Why Did Yahoo Remove Comments?

What happened to Yahoo comments section? Here is a factual reason why Yahoo remove comments section on its website. Know details why and what netizens feel.

what happened to yahoo comments

Reports reveal that Yahoo has apparently suspended the comments section under its articles. It was a bold move as the website was amongst the few online broadcast hubs where people could freely discuss and express their opinions about reported articles and current affairs.

While this move was praised by many, some are disappointed by the actions. Others are wondering about "What happened to Yahoo comments section?" "Did Yahoo stop comments?" If you are wondering the same, do not worry, we have a factual answer for you.

What happened to Yahoo comments section?

The international news site of Yahoo suspended comments on July 23, 2020. Many speculations started running around after Yahoo suspended comments on its site. Some say that the feature was stopped because many people on the site used words that might disregard certain communities, feelings, and more.

However, a message by Yahoo news on their website reveals exactly why the website removed the comment section. It reads: “Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.”

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The move is said to be a temporary move and it may come back in a matter of a few days or even weeks. Nevertheless, this move can be understood as a means to stop abusive and offensive comments from Yahoo's comments section as it usually observed to result in lots of arguments, hate and online trolling. Many Twitter users find it a way to point out that their freedom to present opinions on articles have been stopped due to this move.

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It has also been observed that many Twitter users feel this Yahoo no comments move is to stop opinions that do not fit their political agenda. However, Yahoo has only mentioned that the website is trying to bring forth a platform which is safe for users to understand interests and to improve user experience. 

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Netizens reaction when Yahoo news comments were stopped

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