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What Is Blood Money In COD Warzone And Tips To Succeed In The Mode

Warzone Blood Money is here. The mode doesn’t differ much from Plunder; however, it does offer some benefits. Find out what is blood money in COD Warzone.

What is Blood Money in COD Warzone

The Warzone Blood Money mode has been recently introduced as part of a recent Call of Duty update. However, the new mode comes at the expense of Plunder Trios.

It is actually a variant of Plunder as players will still have to collect money and respawns will be enabled. Additionally, it will also award more cash when you take down a player. However, certain players may still be wondering what the Call of Duty Warzone Blood Money is all about and how exactly it differs from Warzone Plunder, so let us dive in and take a look.

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What is Blood Money in COD Warzone?

While you may be aware that in Warzone Plunder, enemies drop a percentage of their total cash on the ground when they die, Blood Money will actually allow you to get some dosh every time you kill an enemy even when you don’t get to pick up the cash that the enemy players have dropped. So even if you kill an enemy right when they respawn and haven't collected anything, the game will still guarantee you cash. You will also get some cash for eliminating an enemy who has nothing, making for a more aggressive style of Plunder.

Apart from this, you will also be rewarded with some extra cash when you complete the contracts. Moreover, Warzone Blood Money also gives you cash for performing COD Warzone finishing moves.

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Warzone Blood Money tips

Know where to drop

There are a few locations on the map carrying bigger loot than others. Some of the best places to land include the Superstore, TV Station, and the Train Station to look for enemies and get a decent amount of cash in a short period.

Go for contracts

As we have already stated earlier, contracts are one of the ways you can get some extra cash in the Warzone Black Money mode, so you can start hunting for them on the map. Make sure that you complete these contracts as fast as possible to get a decent loot and some extra cash.

Play it safe

You should also be aware that once you die in the game, you will drop off half of the cash that you have collected. This simply means that the more cash you are carrying, the more you will be dropping as well. So once you realise that you’re starting to get rich, you will be wanting to play it much safer.

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