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What Is Awakening Shard In Free Fire & How You Can Use It To Awaken A Character? Read Here

The Awakening Shard was one of the new features introduced in Free Fire. Continue reading to learn what is Awakening Shard in Free Fire and how you can use it.

What is Awakening Shard in Free Fire

Free  Fire had introduced a number of new events as part of an update in March. One of the new additions included the Awakening Shard that was brought to improve a certain character in the game.

What is Awakening Shard in Free Fire?

Awakening Shard is a badge that is full of mysterious powers which can be used to awaken characters. To get the Awakening Shards in Free Fire, you will need to play the game as usual where you will be assigned certain tasks asking you to achieve a certain number of kills.

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How to use Awakening Shard in Free Fire?

As you may be aware that the Free Fire character Kelly was only able to reach until level 8, following which she would max out. She also lacked the ability to upgrade. So the new Awakening Shard will actually help you awaken her character and improve her abilities in Free Fire.

So, in order to do so, you need to select Kelly from the available characters and click on the ‘Awakening’ tab on the left. Once you click on the option, you will need to complete the following missions:

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  • Achieve a total running distance of 600km in all modes, excluding Room match.
  • Kill 200 enemies in all modes, excluding Room match.
  • Achieve Booyah 20 times in all modes, excluding Room match.
  • Form a team with your friends and complete 100 matches.

The last mission will require you to complete 100 matches with a friend which can be completed in a Squad or Duos, meaning you can't play it solo.

As you complete the above missions, you will be rewarded with 125 fragments for every mission completed. This will enable you to unlock Kelly "The Swift" Deluxe bundle containing her special outfit. When equipped with the outfit, she will be able to display special moves on the starting island. This special bundle will be combined with the Awakening Shard to awaken her character.

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