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What Is Websites And Apps To Track Coronavirus Cases In India is a Coronavirus information site that provides its users with data about the confirmed patients, recoveries and death tolls. Read to know more

what is coronatracker

The coronavirus cases are increasing exponentially each day. While people are in quarantine and nations are in lockdown, it has been observed that more and more people are trying to keep themselves updated with the rising number of COVID 19 cases across the world. Sighting this, a few websites and apps have been developed in order to keep users and the public updated with the latest information on the number of cases that are coming in due to Coronavirus. One such website that has become very popular in the past few days is It got featured by NITI Aayog recently. Read on to know more about it.

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What is

It is a website developed to track and display the number of COVID 19 cases in the world. It shows data according to the country or area selected by the user. The site follows a simple user interface which provides data and information to its user about the locations of the people affected by Coronavirus all over the world.

what is coronatracker coronavirus tracking website coronavirus in india

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With the help of a layout of the world map, the website allows its user to zoom in and see the location of the nearest area that is affected by Coronavirus. It also has a live location tracker, with the help of which a user can track his distance from the nearest COVID-19 confirmed case in any country.

With the help of graphs displayed on the website, it enables its users to see for themselves the data of recovered, deceased and active cases of Coronavirus. Another graph presents to its user a bar graph that gives information on age demography for confirmed cases in the particular country they have selected at the top of the page or the country they want to get data about. The website also provides a state-wise statistics of any country and displays the name of the state and the number of confirmed cases, recovered cases, and deceased people.

what is coronatracker coronavirus tracking website coronavirus in india
what is coronatracker coronavirus tracking website coronavirus in india

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Who has developed this website?

This website has been developed by Niket, Shrey, Hrishikesh, Sanket, Nishat and Salil Naik.

From where does get its information?

The site picks information from Johns Hopkins University, MOHFW & crowd-sourced with verification. The website also states that “Realtime data from credible sources linked below. Numbers might take time to reflect on the MOHFW website.
Age data unavailable for some confirmed cases”

Other Coronavirus tracking website in India:

  • CoWin-20 (App)


  • COVID-19 Global Case Tracker

  • World Health Organisation (official website)

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