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What Is Glance App? Find Out Everything About This In-built Smartphone Feature

What is Glance app? Glance is not actually an app and since it is not an app, it won't be available on the Play Store. Read on to know more details.

what is glance app

Glance is not an app but actually a built-in feature of smartphones which provides personalized content driven by artificial intelligence-driven and that too in various regional languages. These languages include English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bahasa, on the lock screens of Android smartphones. Continue reading to know how to use glance app and the various glance app features.

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What is Glance App?

One of the most interesting things about Glance is that it is not an app. Since it is not an app, it is not going to be available on the Play Store. It actually is a part of the phone or can even be considered as a built-in feature which can be accessed just like any other feature. So this also means that for those who want to use it, they will need to purchase a smartphone which has this feature enabled.

As of now, it is available on almost all of the Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones, which include the Redmi Note 7 duo which was launched recently. Some of the other models including the Samsung’s Galaxy A, M and J series of Samsung, POCO F1 and many of the Xiaomi devices. There is no need to do anything extra for enabling this feature so users can just start using it out of the box. Glance provides three modes of content which can be described as:

  • First Mode
    • The first mode of Glance is on the lock screen.
    • When you wake up the phone, there will be new content every time and this will include a visually-rich image along with a news headline.
  • Second Mode
    • The second mode will give you an option to know more about something on the screen that catches your interest.
    • Depending on whether you are using a Samsung or Xiaomi device, the steps will differ.
    • For the Samsung device, you will have to use the swipe down feature starting from the centre of the display.
    • For the Xiaomi device, you will need to either swipe right or you can also hit the button that is present right beside the headline.
  • Third Mode
    • The third mode of this Glance feature is the simplest and users can just scroll up or down on both Samsung and Xiaomi phones which will provide them with different content each time.

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