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Cold War Firebase Z Memory Corrupted: Find Out How To Capture Mimics Using Essence Traps

In Cold War, the task is to trap three Mimics of a specific type. When this round starts, you need to look for a Mimic which will spawn near the items.

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For the Firebase Z Easter egg, players will first need to finish two objectives that have always been a part of every major Zombies Easter Egg. First of all the power needs to be turned on, then the Pack-a-Punch machines need to be activated. Continue reading to know about the easter egg and about the Firebase Z memory being corrupted.

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Cold War Firebase Z Memory Corrupted

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To start capturing the mimics, the players will need to go to the Data centre for finding the memory fragment machine. Here there will be essence traps which can capture the essence of a creature when they are weak. The task is to trap three Mimics of a specific type. When this round starts, you need to look for a Mimic which will spawn near the items on the ground. It will have the memories of one of the 3 characters that you are actually searching for: Sokolov, Brahms, and Zhabin.

To know if it was the correct one, just upload the memory data at the Data Center and a voice line will play from one of the characters ending in a code. When you trap the incorrect type of Mimic, you will be able to hear some lines and the machine will just say "memory corrupted." Follow the steps below to get the Firebase Z Zombies easter egg:

  • There will be a waypoint marker when you start going towards the Atrium from the Courtyard.
  • Now after you make your way there, talk to Ravenov and discuss the deactivated Pack-a-Punch machine that's located next to the window.
  • Ravenov will inform that reaching the Omega Base will require you to use the Teleporter.
  • Now the next step is to enter the Teleporter.
  • To reach the Teleporter and use it, you will need to collect and use 1,250 points for unlocking the door that leads to the Equipment Storage area.
  • This is located opposite the Courtyard.
  • Keep going forward using the stairs and you will reach the glowing Teleporter.
  • The final step is to Activate the Aether Reactors
  • When you finally arrive at the Omega Base, you will eventually make your way towards the Helipad.
  • Here, you will now need to find and activate all three of the Aether Reactors,
  • All these require 500 points each in order to activate.
  • Once you have activated a reactor, you will have to defend your collection points while charging the reactors with zombie kills.
  • When the charge meter gauge is full, the reactor will turn purple and release a blast that will kill any zombies that are nearby.
  • There will be many glowing Dark Aether arrows around the map and these will all point you in the correct direction of the reactors.

Firebase Z Map

Firebase Z is a new, free map which was available to the player base starting 4th February for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. The update 1.11 size is 9 GB and was available at the below-mentioned timings:

  • February 3 at 11 PM PT
  • February 4:
    • 1 AM CT
    • 2 AM ET
    • 7 AM UK
    • 8 AM CEST
    • 6 PM AEDT

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