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What Is Mi Community App And How Does It Work? Know Why It Is Banned In India

Here are all the details about what is Mi community app and how does the application work. Read more to get complete information about why it is banned in India

what is mi community

Mi Community is an official community forum and an app for Mi users. People can ask all their questions and doubts about Xiaomi products and services and all the questions will get answered on the application. On the app, people can also get the latest news related to Xiaomi products and services. Take a look at other details about Mi community.

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How does Mi Community work?

  • Mi Community app is inbuild in every Mi smartphone or device
  • You need to register your details on Mi Community app to log in
  • You need to go to Mi Community app settings and click on the customer service option
  • After that, the app will connect you to one of the customer service executives
  • You can ask all your doubts and queries to the agent 
  • Apart from doubts and queries, you also get rewards for daily visiting the application
  • You also get medals on Mi Community app for completing various daily tasks
  • You can also interact with various other Mi users on the app
  • All the features of the latest devices by Mi are also mentioned in the Mi Community app
  • A user can also share their experience with the brand's product

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Other Chinese Community Apps 

  • OnePlus Community
  • Huawei Technical Support
  • Honor Club

Why is Mi community app banned?

The app is also mentioned in the long list of mobile apps that have been banned by the Indian government. The decision of banning the apps was taken after security and data concerns were raised regarding these 59 apps. Eventually, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has invoked its power under section 69A of the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000, which specifies "procedure and safeguards for blocking of access of information by the public". 

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Chinese Apps not banned in India

The order issued by the ministry includes 59 mobile apps from China. Although, several popular applications still have not been banned. There could be reasons behind not including these Chinese apps. Reportedly, some of these apps are also under review and might get banned in the near future. These apps include:

  • PUBG Mobile
  • PUBG Lite
  • MV Master
  • AliExpress 

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