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What Is Microsoft Rewards? How To Make Microsoft Rewards Account? Know Details

Using Microsoft Rewards account will help you to donate real money to charitable organisations without spending any money. Earn points, discounts and rewards.

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Microsoft has evolved its service during the last few months coming up with newer interfaces such as MS Fluid, MS Teams, Microsoft Bing with an upgraded browser called MS Edge and much more. However, the free Microsoft Rewards program which is an interesting new service by the organisation allows users to earn points and rewards without doing anything complex. That is the reason why many users are wondering about what is Microsoft Rewards and how to open a Microsoft Rewards account. If you are wondering about the same, then do not worry, here is all you need to know about it.

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What is Microsoft Rewards?

The new Microsoft Rewards is basically the organisation's new approach to gather more user data. The data collection system of this latest interface concerns regular users of Microsoft services such as Bing users. If you have a Microsoft Rewards account, you will be eligible to earn points, rewards, and charity. Users can choose to use those points to donate to charitable organisations as well.

But, apart from this, the Microsoft Rewards program is guilty of tracking user data such as what a user searches on Microsoft Bing, what websites they visit and how often, what time of day are they online, and more. However, one must understand that the tech giant is not interested in a single individual but it is trying to culminate general consumer behaviour which includes tracking their online time and usage. This data is used to make Bing better search engines, improve its performance, plan promotions, and strategize which ads and products to display. However, you will earn rewards will using the Microsoft Rewards Program. These rewards can later be donated to real charitable organisations which seems significantly righteous in one manner. 

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How to make a Microsoft Rewards account?

  • At first, go to Microsoft Rewards official site
  • Now, click on "Sign Up for Free"
  • Then, enter your Microsoft account details
  • And, after that, you will be able to enable yourself for the Microsoft Rewards program.

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How to earn points in the Microsoft Rewards account?

  • To earn points in Microsoft Rewards, all you need to do is use the Bing search engine more and turn on the "Give Mode" ON. 
  • You can turn it "ON" on the Redeem Rewards page.
  • You can earn points and even use them to donate to charity.

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