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What Is The Rumble App? How To Download The App On IOS And Android?

What is the Rumble app? Rumble is one of the mobile apps that has gained huge popularity among people. Continue scrolling to learn everything about the app.

What is the Rumble app

Many Republicans and right-wing extremists in the United States have been migrating away from popular social media websites like Twitter and Facebook since the 2020 election after being censored by these platforms. A majority have also been actively directing their followers to move away from these services and join platforms like Parler, which promotes itself as a non-biased free speech platform for all people.

While Parler has already gained a huge following in recent months, video platform Rumble appears to be the next beneficiary that is serving as an alternative to YouTube for many conservatives. This is especially after the Google owned platform demonitized certain provocative videos made by users. 

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What is the Rumble app?

Rumble is a popular video sharing service which has been getting a lot of attention recently. The app promotes itself as one where users can post their content and attain faster growth. It also states that it doesn't sensor political and scientific content on its platform, which could be another reason for its growth. In addition, users can also subscribe to their favourite channels, view videos from various channels, upload new videos, create OTT feeds, and more.  

Apart from this, the platform also enables videos from users to rank in its search results, which doesn't appear to be the case with YouTube, where it can be quite difficult to locate some videos using the search option. The video platform also allows users to monitize their content and earn money apart from the standard revenue system.

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Who owns Rumble app?

Rumble is a Toronto-based company that was founded by Chris Pavlovski in the year 2013.  He is also the acting Chief Executive Officer of the company. Before Rumble, Pavlovski has worked for Microsoft Corporation.

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Rumble download

Rumble is now available for both iOS and Android-based devices. If you are an iOS user, you can download the Rumble app by heading over to Apple App Store. For Android users, the app can be downloaded from Google Play. Similar to YouTube, it also has a web version of the service which can be accessed at this link.

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