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WhatsApp To Share User Data With Facebook; Here Are The New Terms And Conditions

WhatsApp data will be shared with Facebook after users click on the "Agree" button. But, you are left with no choice if you want to continue using their service

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WhatsApp is making big news after it sent notifications which leave users with no option than choosing to "Agree" or they would not be able to use their services. The Facebook-owned organisation has always made sure users get the best features possible, but this time it can be a little tricky. They seek users' permissions that may allow them to share WhatsApp data of its users with its parent company. Here is all you need to know about it.

WhatsApp to share user data with Facebook

From Tuesday, that is January 5, users have been receiving a notification regarding the changes in the WhatsApp privacy policy. “WhatsApp is updating its terms and privacy policy,” and there you have to choose either yes or no. If you do not choose to agree with WhatsApp Terms and Conditions, you will no longer be able to use their services from February 8 onwards.

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The updated WhatsApp Privacy Policy mentions processing of WhatsApp data of users, how businesses can use Facebook hosted services to store and manage their WhatsApp chats, and how the company partners with Facebook. It is alarming for many users as the organisation seeks permissions to share WhatsApp data with Facebook which includes “transaction data, service-related information, information on how you interact with others (including businesses) when using our Services, mobile device information, your IP address” and more. The updated WhatsApp Terms and Conditions mention the following: 

As part of the Facebook Companies, WhatsApp receives information from and shares information (see here) with, the other Facebook Companies. We may use the information we receive from them, and they may use the information we share with them, to help operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services and their offerings, including the Facebook Company Products.

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This dictatorial approach was something that WhatsApp has never seemed to have used before. But this time, it is either black or white which is quite confusing. WhatsApp Messenger application is amongst the popular platforms which support end-to-end encryption, however, this move could be a step towards a greater openness with its parent company.

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We collect information about your activity on our Services, like service-related, diagnostic, and performance information. This includes information about your activity (including how you use our Services, your Services settings, how you interact with others using our Services (including when you interact with a business), and the time, frequency, and duration of your activities and interactions), log files, and diagnostic, crash, website, and performance logs and reports.

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