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Windows 10X Release Date, Windows 10X Price And Windows 10X New Features

Windows 10X release date is what all the people have been eagerly waiting for. Check out for more information on Windows 10X price and features.

Windows 10x release date

Windows 10X is the latest software update for Windows devices. This is a new software that has been built from the ground up to tackle the ever so popular Chrome OS. Windows 10X has been built on the modern-day Windows Core OS. Providing a better and safer experience for its long time users and new users. Many have asked questions such as Windows 10X release date, Windows 10X price, and more.

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Windows 10X release date and price

When is Windows 10X coming out is what everyone eagerly wants to know. The new software should change the way windows works and the users can’t wait to get their hands on it. No official release date for the Windows 10X has been announced but it is confirmed that the new software should be available for the users in 2021.  No official Windows 10X price has been revealed either and the users will have to patiently wait for these details to be announced by Microsoft.

More about Windows 10X

Windows 10X is going to change the way windows works, but it won't be available for users as a software update, they won't be able to update their existing devices to the Windows 10X, they will only be able to buy new hardware that has Windows 10X already loaded on it. Here are all the features that the Windows 10X will provide the users with:

User Experience

  • In Windows 10X the user experience has been completely revamped and created a completely new experience for its users to try out, with a whole new interface and many other features

Start Menu

  • The old start menu has been kicked out and a whole new start menu has been added for the Windows 10X

Task Bar

  • The taskbar has also been revamped to better suit the users in the Windows 10X

Action center

  • A new action center has been created to complement these changes and add a new way of using shortcuts


  • The way that users went on to set up their devices has been redesigned too, making the task easier and smoother for the users.

File Explorer

  • The file explorer has been redesigned too, to improve the way people can keep track of their files and other data

Windows Update Feature

  • The Windows update featured has been worked on too, this will help keep the device up to date and also promptly inform the user of any pending updates.


  • Security is one of the main focus of Windows 10X, this new software will help keep the user’s device a lot more secure compared to the previous versions.

Dynamic Wallpapers

  • A new set of wallpapers has been added to Windows 10X that will change and alter features according to the time the device is displaying.

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