25 Years Of PlayStation: The Fan-favourite Gaming Console Celebrates Its Silver Jubilee


PlayStation has completed 25 years. The gaming console brand celebrates its silver jubilee. Read more to know about the grand success of PS.

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25 Years of Playstation

PlayStation, the most renowned video game brand, recently completed 25 years. A few months ago, Nintendo’s Game Boy completed 30 years. Now, fans are witnessing the silver jubilee of PlayStation. Read more to know about the whole story.

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PlayStation celebrates Silver Jubilee

PlayStation completed 25 years, since its inception in the year 1994. In an interview with an entertainment portal, Jim Ryan, looking back over PlayStation’s history, said that it is a grand success and that PlayStation Vita is brilliant in many ways, and that it provides great gaming experience. He also stated that the company is not going to top their latest product, as it is a business that they are no longer going to invest in.

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As a part of the celebration of completing 25 years, PlayStation was commemorated in the Guinness World Records, as the bestselling console brand. It has sold over 450 million units worldwide across various PlayStation devices. As the company has made history, it is looking forward to the future. It is set to produce the PlayStation 5, the next console, and it will be scheduled to release in late 2020. Nothing much has been revealed about this new console, but fans have gotten a glimpse of what it will be like because of various patent leaks and interviews, which are revealing more and more about this brand new project. Fans of the gaming console are very excited about this news.

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The best-selling game to be played on the console is God of War by the Santa Monica Studio. It went on to garner the love and attention of various gamers and is a major reason behind PlayStation's grand success. The game was launched in 2005, and it is still coming up with its new editions and storylines to keep the gamers hooked. 

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