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Samsung Washing Machine DC Error: How To Easily Fix The Different DC Error Codes?

Samsung washing machine DC error is quite common and it is likely that you may come across this error. Read on to learn how you can fix the different DC errors.

Samsung washing machine DC error

Samsung’s top-loading washing machines display a number of different error or fault codes to alert users of possible issues with the washing machine.

Samsung washing machine DC error

The DC error in Samsung washing machine notifies the user about possible issues with the machine door. In most cases, the issue is not in the breakdown of devices. However, a number of users tend to use their washing machines quite carelessly, especially when it comes to handling the machine door.

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DC error in Samsung washing machine - Different errors

In a number of cases, Samsung washing machines will display a DC error as DE or Door, which may be further supplemented with numbers. Here is how the possible Door errors will appear on your Samsung washing machine - DC, DC1, DC2 or DC3. In certain Samsung washers, the DC error codes will be displayed as DE instead on DC.

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Samsung washing machine DC error fix

When a DC code appears on a Samsung washing machine, it may lead to certain technical difficulties such as issues closing the hatch, the main door does not unlock if an error flashes at the end of washing, or the washing machine closes but the lock doesn’t function. So, take a look at what a particular error code indicates on a machine and how you can fix it.

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DC - The door is open

When this error is displayed, you need to ensure make sure that you properly close the door. Also, check if any laundry is caught in the door, which also leads to this error.

DC1 - The Main Door lock/unlock is not working properly.

Turn the washing machine off, and restart the cycle when a DC1 error occurs. If this doesn't fix the issue, Samsung recommends that you call 1800 40 7267864 (toll-free in India) for further assistance.

DC3 - The Add Door lock/unlock is not working properly.

When you get a DC3 error, you should simply turn off the washing machine, and restart the cycle. If the error persists, you should reach out to 1800 40 7267864 for further assistance.

Depending on the machine’s behaviour, the problem could be something insignificant or even difficult at times which may require a professional repair, however, the above troubleshooting should fix most of the DC errors.

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