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How To Set Time On Fitbit? Change Time Manually Or From The App With These Easy Steps

How to set time on Fitbit? Here is everything you need to know to change time on your Fitbit using the mobile app or manually. Learn how to do it in easily here

how to set time on fitbit

Fitbit is amongst the most important fitness accessory used by numerous individuals to track their fitness levels and day-to-day achievements. Many users who use Fitbit are having problems in changing time mainly when they travel in other countries and different places as the time changes. If you are wondering how to set time on Fitbit, here is everything you need.

Before you start resetting the time, make sure your Fitbit is synced to your smartphone. If not, then manually sync the fitness tracker in the app. However, a user can manually set the time on their Fitbit.

How to set time on Fitbit through the mobile app?

The simplest way to change the time on your Fitbit is by syncing it with a smartphone device. The smartphone device will automatically reset time according to the time zone because the tracker transfers information so that the user can access it inside the mobile app. Once the tracker is synced with your smartphone, the time will be updated effectively. 

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It is recommended to keep the all-day sync on in the options for your Fitbit, which will enable the fitness tracker to keep you on the correct time zone and share information easily. To manually sync the tracker, use the method below 

  • Open up the Fitbit app. 
  • Tap on the picture of the Fitbit that is needed to be synced (it should be at the top of the screen and then pull down to refresh). The device will sync to your tracker and then, it will update the time automatically as per the location and the accurate time zone.

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How to change time on Fitbit manually?

If you are somehow unable to change the time on your Fitbit through the Fitbit mobile app, you will have to manually set your time zone. However, manually setting the time is also similarly easy. Here is how to change time on Fitbit manually

  • Open the Fitbit app
  • Search for the icon that looks like a little ID card that says 'Account' (It is located in the bottom right corner of the app screen).
  • Now, press 'Advanced Settings' and find the option that says 'Time Zone'. 
  • Tap on 'Time Zone' and turn off 'Set Automatically' option and switch to 'Set Manually' to manually change your Fitbit's time zone.
  • Now, sync your device for the update to take place on the device.

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