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PS5 Starbucks Edition: Check Out The New Playstation 5 Starbucks Concept

PS5 Starbucks Edition has been the talk of the town since the video of this console has surfaced. Learn more about the PS5 Starbucks Edition here.


The arrival of the next-gen consoles of PS5 have stirred up a lot of hype and people can’t get enough of it. The shortage of supply of the consoles has been harassing many players, but the memes and videos of the consoles haven’t stopped there. People have also started created concept videos of the console too. Many have been wondering about the PS5 Starbucks Edition.

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PS5 Starbucks Edition

In recent times, a PS5 video has gone viral, in this video, the user has shown a Starbucks edition of the PS5. In the video, the user boots up the PS5 and looks extremely cool with the green and white Starbucks accents. Other than that, there was an eye-catching feature in the video that has caught everyone’s attention. The video also shows that apart from being a cutting-edge next-gen console, the PS5 Starbucks edition can also dispense the Starbucks Premium Coffee too.

This video caught everyone’s attention because who doesn’t want a PS5 that can dispense Starbucks Coffee too. But unfortunately, the anticipation for this console will have to die down as it is only a concept video and an actual Starbucks Edition PS5. The video that has been running around social media is just a fan-made concept video. This video has also stirred up many other questions such as Starbucks PS5 Price and Starbucks PS5 release date, but there are no official dates or prices as this is just a concept video.

Sony PS5 intended to be bigger than it already is

The PS5 right now is foot tall and weighs almost 15 lbs make this the biggest console to date. Sony Senior Art Director, Yujin Morisawa intended the console to be bigger than it is right now. When Yujin first drew the concept for the console, he was told by the engineers to shrink it down as it was too big a size for a console. The PS5 is sleek and thin but really tall when put upright.

It captures the attention of any person entering the room almost instantly. As the size is massive, Sony is shipping the PS5 with a stand so that it can sit comfortably and the risk of the console falling is decreased too. The stand is also helpful to sit the PS5 on its side because due to its design it would be wobbling all the time without a stand.

PS5 Restock Update

Players have been waiting for the PS5 restock since day 1. The reason for the PS5s being out of stock is not just because of the production cuts due to the pandemic. Scalpers have plagued the market of the PS5s, and they are trying to get hands-on with these consoles before the fans that are actually going to play it. Sony is making all the efforts they can to stop these scalpers from making purchases, but they can only do so much.

All the retailers are trying their best to get the PS5 back in stock as the demand for the console is still at an all-time high. Many players from countries are still waiting for the PS5 to release in their countries. India just got a release date and the buyers can now preorder the PS5 in India from the 12th of January.

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