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Cold War New Game Mode: What Is Gunfight Blueprint Mode In Cold War?

Cold War has introduced a new game mode for the players to try out in the game. Learn what is Gunfight Blueprint mode in Cold War and more here.

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COD Cold War has been in the stores for some time now. Players are rushing to this game in enormous numbers. The game matched up with cutting edge consoles and designs has added to its prosperity. Players are placing in hours while playing Cold War attempting to arrive at the top. The game has added new game modes and updates to the game to immerse the players significantly more. Many have asked, what is Gunfight Blueprint mode in Cold War?

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What is Gunfight Blueprint Mode in Cold War?

Gunfight Blueprint is one of the latest new game modes that has been added to Cold War. In Gunfight Blueprint mode, the players are put into 2v2 combat situations with randomized loadouts. These randomized loadouts will feature new weapon blueprints for the players to try out. This game mode will be loved by the players that want to try new weapons and have a special gunfight experience in Cold War.

What is Face Off in Cold War?

Face off mode in Cold War is the new game mode added in the playlist update. In Face Off mode, players are pitted against each other in 3v3 combat situations. These 3v3 game modes include Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill Confirmed. As these are 3v3 matches, the game mode features small maps for the players to be in action at all times. As small maps are needed for the Face-Off mode, players will have to fight it out in the maps of Gunfight in Cold War. Gunfight in the Cold War has just been added in the huge season 4 update and this mode includes 4 maps.

How to get Level 101 in Cold War?

Cold War follows a prestige system for the levelling up of the players. Players will have to increase their seasonal levels to increase their overall levels. Players will have to complete seasonal challenges and milestones to level up their players in Cold War. Players will have to work their way across military rank 1-51 to reach the first prestige level. Players will have to reach Prestige level 3 to cross Level 101 in Cold War. Here are all the Prestige and their rewards:

  • Prestige 1: Season Level 1, sticker/emblem, and prestige key.
  • Prestige 2: Season Level 50, sticker/emblem, prestige key, and a weapon blueprint.
  • Prestige 3: Season Level 100, sticker/emblem and prestige key.

Players will have to grind through the seasons to level up and reach level 101 in Cold War. Players who are able to reach Season level 200 will be acknowledged by Treyarch and will be given the Prestige Master Title as that is no easy feat to achieve.

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