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PS5's First-ever Software Update Launched After Multiple Errors Reported By Users

PS5's first-ever software update was launched by Sony recently after fans who bought the next-gen console started reporting multiple bugs.


Sony's next-gen gaming console PS5 took off to a rocky start when players could not download their desired games as it would be stuck in the 'Queued for Download' list. The only option left for players who were prompted the error message was to factory reset the console altogether. The bug was widespread and reported by many users from around the world. Besides this, a number of other performance bugs were discovered by a number of users who just got their hands on the latest console. However, Sony has now launched the first-ever firmware update for the PS5 after launch. Check out the details about the latest update below:

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PS5 new firmware update

After the latest PS5 update, the firmware of the console has been changed to '20.02-02.25.00'. However, similar to the patch notes on game updates, Sony has not provided any patch notes for the update. The latest PS5 system update simply states - 'This system software update improves system performance.', keeping the ambiguity of what the update actually does intact.  While the PS5 system software update will usually be triggered automatically, users can simply follow the steps below to find the update manually - Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software on your console and select "Update Using the Internet". People with limited internet connection data should know that the update is a big one, standing at a size of 868 MB which can take time to download depending on the connection speed. 

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With the latest gaming consoles marking their inception in the market, it is only normal for users to experience some lags and bugs which can be improved with multiple updates. However, the marketing of the PS5 touted it to be the 'next-gen' console which came with the prerequisite of being bug-free for the end-user. That was not the case for the PS5 which left users agitated and disappointed. Two big bugs found by users on the internet consisted of the latest PS5 crashing while being kept on the 'Rest Mode'. Another bug consisted of external storage leading to multiple databases and console crashing altogether.  

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