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Red Xbox Series X Controller: Check Out The New Pulse Red Color Scheme

Red Xbox Series X controller has been released and it has been called the 'Pulse Red'. Know more about Pulse Red Xbox Series X Controller.

red xbox series x controller

Xbox Series X has been released for some time now and the fans are loving what Microsoft has done for their new next-gen console. Microsoft doesn’t want to stop right there, they also want to improve upon accessories and choices for their players. They have already released a few color options for the Xbox Series X controllers and now they are out with a brand new one. Many players have been asking about the Red Xbox Series X controller.

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Pulse Red Xbox Series X Controller

Microsoft has released a brand-new color scheme for their Xbox Series X Controller. The latest colour option is called Pulse Red and the controller comes in the accents of white, red and black, making it look exactly like some exotic race car. Players can purchase the Pulse Red Xbox Series X Controller for $64.99. Other color options that are available for the players are white, black, and shock blue.

Xbox Series X Problems

Tech products in their earlier stages face a lot of issues. Most of these issues are software related and can be fixed by patches. Some of these are hardware issue which is much more difficult to tackle. Here are the Xbox Series X problems players are facing:

Randomly Shutting Down

The Xbox Series X’s number one issue is that it randomly switches off in the middle of a game. This is experienced most when the game is started, but the console can switch off at any time. No one knows the reason for this issue.

4K Xbox Series X issues

In the next-gen consoles, everyone wants the highest level of visuals in the game. Xbox Series X is facing an issue when the players connect the HDMI 2.1 to run the game at 4K 120Hz, an error message saying “corrupted image” is shown. This issue can be fixed by restarting the console.

Xbox Series X weird sounds

The players have noticed that new consoles make weird sounds such as clicking while it is running. Players have assumed that this issue has been caused due to a problematic disk drive in the Xbox Series X.

Quick Resume

One of the selling points for the Xbox Series X has been the quick resume feature, but it seems that it only works properly with certain games. Players are hoping this issue will be tackled with a patch from Microsoft.

Xbox Series X Smoking issue

Many people have seen the popular video of smoke coming out of the Xbox Series X. Many believe that this a troll by users and they are actually blowing vape smoke into the Xbox Series X to make it look like it's smoking. Xbox has issued a tweet warning people to not blow vape smoke into the Xbox Series X as it will lead to other issues. Xbox Tweeted, “We can't believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X.”

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