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Samsung Unveils Bot Handy Robot And Other Product Innovations At CES 2021

Samsung has unveiled a wide range of innovative and futuristic products at the CES 2021 event. Scroll on to check out the major product announcements.

Samsung CES 2021

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a range of products during the CES 2021 event. The products showcased at the annual event aimed to give viewers a look at how the South Korean technology giant is working to innovate and advance in the industry. Let's take a look at some of the major product announcements made by Samsung at the CES 2021.

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Samsung CES 2021 announcements

110-inch Micro LED TV

This is a TV from Samsung that features a self-lit inorganic LED with particularly slim bezels which have been called the Infinity Screen design. This allows it to offer the best viewing pleasure to the audience. It also comes with a 4Vue option which is essentially a four-way viewing feature, allowing viewers to play multiple contents on the screen at once. Samsung has confirmed that the 110-inch MicroLED Samsung TV will be released later this year, however, it is yet to offer details on its availability and pricing.

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Samsung Bot Handy

The Samsung Bot Handy is one of the highlights of the event. It is a robot that relies on Artificial Intelligence to recognise and pick up various items and also carry a number of essential tasks. According to Samsung, the Bot Handy will also have the ability to differentiate between the material composition of various objects, allowing it to grab individual items with the required force.

Samsung Bot Care

Samsung also unveiled a new version of the Bot Handy, along with the Bot Handy. The Bot Care is a kind of robotic assistant and companion which was initially showcased back in 2019. It has also been designed to use Artificial Intelligence and serve as a personal assistant and companion. It will take note of user behaviour and schedule and offer timely reminders.

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SmartThings Cooking

SmartThings Cooking is another major announcement at the CES 2021. Powered by Whisk, the SmartThings Cooking service has been designed to recommend users meals recipes and meals for the entire week. It will also use data from the Family Hub refrigerators and connect users to retailers for a seamless shopping experience.

JetBot 90 AI+

The JetBot 90 AI+ is a home cleaning bot that understands the best cleaning path through object recognition technology. It comes with LiDAR and 3D sensors, allowing the device to avoid small objects and other cables. In addition, the device also equips a small camera that can assist a user with home monitoring.

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